Accreditation and Affiliations

Expectations Document for Athena US schools

November 2018

Performance Standard


Teachers and all members of staff


Student Achievement

All students should know at what level they are working.


They should understand what each assessment tells them, why there are differences between the assessments and understand what they need to do address gaps and improve achievement.


Students should be able to think critically in every lesson respond and pose open ended and challenging questions, collaborate with others to assess learning and make connections.


There should be Zero tolerance of lost learning time by students.

All teachers should track the progress made all students in each lesson and involve the students in setting targets for improvement.


Teachers should constantly and consistently assess during lessons.


They should align the different assessment systems and ensure all groups of students understand both the purpose and outcomes of assessments.


All teachers should enable students to develop the skills of critical thinking, research, independence etc. in every lesson.


All teachers should understand and promote the National Agenda requirements.

Leaders should be able to identify strengths and weaknesses of student achievement for all groups in all subjects and grade levels


Leaders should ensure targets for improvement in students’ achievement.


Leaders should track all students and take immediate steps to prevent underachievement.


Leaders should monitor the skill development and ensure all students have opportunity to develop skills in every lesson.


Leaders should monitor and promote the implementation of the National Agenda.

Personal Development

All students should take responsibility for knowing where they are in their learning and the behavioral expectations that will enable them to learn well.


Students in all grades should be involved promoting Islamic values and creating a learning environment which promotes those values.


Students at all grade levels should be volunteering, entrepreneurial or social responsibility activities

All members of staff are responsible for promoting and model positive behavior, including being ready for learning.


All teachers should provide opportunities for students to develop cultural understanding with their lessons and in extra-curricular activities.


All lessons should provide opportunities for innovative thinking.

Leaders should monitor and promote positive attendance and punctuality.


Leaders should promote and ensure the school and learning environment, promotes and reflects the different cultures, Islamic values.


Leaders should promote a strong culture of literacy, provide opportunities for environmental sustainability entrepreneurship, innovation and enterprise

Teaching and Assessment

Students be able to identify prior learning, make connections between subjects.


They should know how to assess their work and identify next steps in learning.


All should provide and receive feedback in every lesson


They should understand the relevant grade standards in each subject and know what to do to improve.

All teachers should plan and implement relevant grade standards,and measure progress accurately and provide challenge and feedback for all groups in every lesson.


Teacher should unpack the grade standards in every lesson and enable all groups of students to make progress and address gaps in their learning in every lesson.


All teachers should know how to,and use data to differentiate instruction consistently.


All teachers should use open-ended questioning, enable students to think critically and make real life connections and connections to other areas of learning.


Teachers should be aware of any students with IEPs, be able to implement the targets in the plan and provide consistent challenge for those students identified with gifts and talents.

Leaders at all levels should monitor the effectiveness of teacher, provide professional development to match outcomes of monitoring and set targets for improvement.


Leaders should hold all teachers to account for the effectiveness of teaching and improving student achievement.


Leaders should promote and ensure that all lessons and provision areinclusive and meets the national Agenda requirements.


Leaders should evaluate regularly and accurately,inform governors and the wider community and set challenging targets for improvement and ensure all stakeholders are aware of the outcomes of assessments


Curriculum and adaptation

Students should understand the relevant grade standards and know how to adjust their learning to address any gaps.


Students in every grade level should understand and participate in opportunities for innovation, entrepreneurship and enterprise, every week.

All teachers need to understand the place of what they are teaching in the curriculum.


Teachers should modify their teaching and the curriculum following data analysis.


Teachers should consistently modify their teaching and the curriculum to promote literacy, language development, innovative thinking.

All leaders should ensure the curriculum is implemented to reflect grade standards


The curriculum should promote literacy develop language development in all subjects, identify opportunities for innovation, entrepreneurship, enterprise and understanding of environmental sustainability.


Opportunities for understanding of Islamic values and UAE culture should be embedded in the curriculum

Care and support

All students should understand anti-bullying, safeguarding cyber-safety policies.


Students should understand the concept of safe learning, including how to live a safe and healthy lifestyle.


All students should understand the benefits of attendance and punctuality, and work to prevent lost learning time.


Students should know how to access support, include career and academic guidance.


All teachers and members of staff should undertake safeguarding training and follow safeguarding policy.


All members of staff should promote safe and healthy lifestyles.


All teachers are responsible for meeting the needs of students of determination and challenge those with gifts and talents in every lesson.


All members of staff are responsible for maintaining and reporting health and safety concerns.

Leaders should ensure the school is fully compliant with safeguarding, health and safety requirements.


Leaders ensure the school is fully inclusive


And that all lessons meet the needs of students with determination and challenges those with gifts and talents.


Leaders are responsible for all students meeting their graduate requirements.


Leadership and management.

All students should access opportunities to lead, appropriate to their grade level.


Students should understand the vision of the school.


They should contribute to the management and effective use of resources.


Students should contribute to effective communication with parents and the wider community.



All members of staff should promote student leadership, monitor the effectiveness of their practice and involve parents in supporting learning.


All members of staff should maintain and use resources effectively to promote quality learning.


All members of staff. should promote innovative practice

Leaders are accountable for all aspects of the inspection, framework and setting challenging targets for improvement., including SEF and SIP


Leaders are responsible for accurately informing, set realistic but challenging expectations of what can be delivered and gaining the view of all stakeholders.


Leaders are responsible for the effective use of resources and ensuring that they are used effectively in all phases to improve learning.


Leaders are accountable to governors for the effectiveness of all aspects of provision.