Communicate with your child’s school easily and efficiently. Stay in touch
with their achievements and educational development.

Parent Engagement

Improve Communication

  • Athena approach to education is to improve the parents engagement programme.

  • Research has proven that when parents are not only engaged but actively participating in their child’s education and learning at home, the child does much better at school.

  • Achieves greater success as an adult in life.

Safe and Secure

  • Feel confident in school safety & security.

  • Explain absence reasons and send notice of absence in advance.

  • SMS or push notifications to keep you informed during evacuations, emergencies or lock-downs.

Better Connected

  • We provides parents the required guidance, understanding, infrastructure, resources, parenting tips, support groups, informational workshops, volunteer organisations.

  • Assist parents in participating in their child’s learning.

Family Program

  • Our Family Program is here to provide you resources so that you can support your student in collaboration with our partners across campus.

  • We hope to work with you by helping you empower your student to take personal responsibility for their social and academic goals and choices.